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56K Modem Init Strings and Drivers

**Inits and drivers sorted by modem manufacturer**

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The secret to a happy modem

The key to getting a modem to work is often getting the right init string or driver (settings file). That's because every brand and model of modem is a little different. Inits and drivers take these differences into account, and help your software work with your modem.

Which is better: an init string or a driver?

You're always better off with a driver. The driver will contain an init string, as well as extra settings used by the program. For Windows 95/98 Dial-Up Networking and Apple's PPP for Open Transport, you generally must have the correct driver in order for the software to report the true connect speed.

Getting the true connect speed

Getting your modem to report the true connect speed (instead of 38400, 57600, or 115200, which are not true connect speeds) can be tricky. Catch up on your computer training to get some basic understanding of computers first.

Handy Init Strings

Turning V.90, K56flex, and x2 on or off

See the Interoperability section of the Troubleshooting Guide.

To keep the modem from answering the phone

Add S0=0 to your init string. (Note that "0" is a zero, not a capital "o".) If you want the modem to pick up after the fifth ring, for instance, you would use S0=5.

Speaker Control Init Strings

These commands will control the speaker on most modems. Note that "0" is a zero, not a capital "o". The Windows 95 Modems control panel and the Macintosh Modem control panel (in OS 7.6 and higher) have volume controls, so using an init string is usually not necessary if you have the correct driver or settings files installed.

M0  Speaker always off
M1  Speaker on during connection
M2  Speaker always on (very noisy)
L0  Lowest volume
L1  Lowest volume (redundant)
L2  Medium volume
L3  Maximum volume

Frequently Asked Questions

Modem init strings



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