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Puerto Rico 56K ISPs

Inclusion of an internet service provider does not constitute an endorsement. ISPs listed may not provide 56k service in all areas in Puerto Rico, so confirm availability with the ISP. Links may be edited, and will be alphabetized periodically. We are constantly adding more Puerto Rico 56k ISPs to our directory.

Instantly add a Puerto Rico 56k ISP in 4 easy steps

This form should be completed by an employee of the ISP, rather than the customer. If your ISP isn't listed, send them the URL of this page so they can add themselves to the list. Only ISPs offering 56k service in Puerto Rico should be added using this form.

1. Enter your company's name and the area codes in Puerto Rico you offer 56k service:

Example: Acme Internet (111, 222, 333)

Just the facts, please: company name and area codes serving 56k. Any other information will be removed.

2. Enter your company's URL :

You might set the URL to your company's home page, an online signup form, or a list of cities served by 56k. Be sure to use a permanent page that will not disappear in six months or a year.

3. Click to finish :

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