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News Archive for February 26 to March 1, 2001

News is archived for reference purposes. URLs on the Internet change, so some of these links may no longer work.

Wednesday, February 28

Modem drivers are keeping some Gateway and HP notebooks offline.

ISP bidness

Squeak screech bong bong forever! 3DActionPlanet has an editorial in favor of low-bandwidth games that will play on analog modems.

Netpliance is turning its i-opener subscribers over to EarthLink. Netpliance is abandoning the home market to concentrate on broadband and ASP applications.

Corey Grice at speculates that broadband prices may go up as advertising revenues fall and DSL providers fall by the wayside.

DSL provider ConnectSouth is going out of business and will cease operations March 24.

A new Nielsen/NetRatings study finds that 12% of U.S. homes with Internet access have broadband access.

EarthLink will offer Metricom's wireless Ricochet service  in three cities: Atlanta, Phoenix and San Diego.

Deutsche Telekom ISP T-Online is abandoning flat-rate pricing and returning to graduated price plans based on usage.

Bad bidness

eToys is calling its stock "worthless" and has announced plans to file for bankruptcy protection. The site is expected to close around March 8.

3Com will lay off 1200 workers.

Many E-marketplaces and Exchanges are failing. Dell and Chevron are recent casualties. E-marketplaces were supposed to use the power of the Internet to more efficiently broker sales between suppliers and buyers.

Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom are selling up to $4 billion worth of Sprint stock.

Computer security and privacy

The Church of the Swimming Elephant is reporting that EarthLink's network has been cracked due to a recent SSH vulnerability.

ShareSniffer is a new tool for finding open Windows shares. It's a classic cracking tool re-designed to appeal to anyone who needs extra online storage space and who doesn't mind squatting on someone else's hard drive.

More sharing fun: a new worm has been designed to spread among PCs using Gnutella file-sharing software.

A flaw in Outlook allows malformed Vcards - the name-and-address attachments to some email - to crash or remotely control computers. Thanks, Microsoft!


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